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The Sims™ Castaway Stories

Hula Feast Table

Bring out the coconuts, the pineapples, the fine hams, the frosty island drinks, and Sims in grass skirts -- the Hula Feast Table turns every meal into a luau! Crafted from the finest materials and sprinkled with just a touch of island party vibe, the Hula Feast Table is a luau on four legs!

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The Sims™ Pet Stories

Pet Pillow Fantastic

Of course you want the best for your pet, but not quite so much that you’re willing to let them sleep in your bed. With this comfortable sleeping space, you and your pet will both be sleeping soundly with separate sleeping arrangements!

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Pet Stories Welcome Kit - Fierce Gargoyle – Home Edition

Built for epic combat between foes of otherworld fantasy, yet hand crafted to fit conveniently in your home, this is the latest edition in home décor.

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Pet Stories Welcome Kit - Stack-O-Flames Bonfire

Why waste time stacking flammable items and lighting them afire? This mound has been pre-soaked in patented QuikFlame formula, strike a match and enjoy!

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Pet Stories Welcome Kit - Ug-No-More Makeover Station

In the mood for a change? Unhappy with your look? Just plain ugly? The Ug-No-More Makeover Station will solve those nagging image problems lickity split, releasing a beautiful new you.

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Pimp Viking 3D Arcade Game

In Shakespearean times, a "pimp" was a fishmonger, and everybody knows that Pimp Viking is the greatest fishmonger of them all! Play the Pimp Viking 3D Arcade Game.

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The Glassic Chair

This remarkable piece of furniture is a design dream turned reality. Inspired by the familiar shape of a wine glass, the Glassic chair envelopes the sitter, swirling them in a cozy cavern of comfort. "The Glassic Chair"– born from the form of a glass and shaped into an intoxicating classic.

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The Sims™ Life Stories

Club Cube

Riley's new to the neighborhood and the Club Cube could help her throw the ultimate party with the dance floor of her dreams!

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Drum Set

This Drum Set will help your Sim build body skill points to get that sexy body! Learning to play the drums has some benefits!

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ElectroDance Sphere

What nightclub is complete without a device that can allow you to dance while suspended in an electromagnetic field? Not a single one, according to ExtremeCO!

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Floor Lamp

Retro styling for the nostalgic Sim. The Multicolor Floor Lamp will brighten up any room with a unique flair, and be sure to start conversations among party guests.

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GrooveLayer 9000 Professional DJ Booth
by HotBeets

Hosting a wild party at home, designing a night club? the GrooveLayer 9000 fulfills a very important need: the need for some hot dance beats.

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Laganaphyllis Simnovorii

This bizarre bovine vegetation is large enough to swallow your neighbour. In fact, it will. After it has consumed some prey, milk it for sweet, rejuvenating nectar of life.

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The NeonBar by Neontrix provides a comfortable yet chic drinking environment, all from within the glow of a delightfully phosphor-coated neon tube available in a variety of colours.

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This painting by renowned artist E. R. Icdogot attempts to clarify the inner struggle of freedom to escape the confines which limit and oppress our daily lives. Using masterful techniques, the painter evokes a feeling of strife, futility, and yet ultimately, that of hope. One can clearly see the forest for the trees.

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Sim Karaoke Machine by VocoPhonic

Help Riley and Vince develop their voice skills to woo their many suitors!

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Stereo Jukebox

Shake that booty, swing those hips, flail those arms and get those Sim bodies moving with this exclusive jukebox!

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