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As a registered member you'll receive access to all our monthly updates,  for The Sims Stories website! You'll also be able to download a Welcome Kit to give you a little extra whilst you play your game!

The Welcome Kit for Life Stories includes:

  • The GrooveLayer 9000 Professional DJ Booth by HotBeets
  • NeonBar by Neontrix
  • Electrodance Sphere
  • Karaoke Machine by VocoPhonic
  • Drum Set
  • Club Cube by Luminescent Projections
  • Stereo Jukebox

The Welcome Kit for Pet Stories includes:

  • Fierce Gargoyle - Home Edition
  • Ug-No-More Makeover Station
  • Stack-O-Flames Bonfire

In order to download your Welcome Kit, you must register your game at EA.

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